Dr Michael Beckett

As of 1st March 2023, Dr Michael Beckett will cease all General Practice work at Beaumaris Family Practice. Over the years he has pursued further training in minor procedures, which he currently performs at Beaumaris Family Practice and at a private day hospital. Unfortunately, continuing to do both GP work and procedural work has meant that the waitlist to see Dr Beckett has increased, and urgent procedures for skin cancer removals (and emergency GP appointments) have needed to be pushed back. To avoid this inconvenience for patients in future, Dr Beckett has decided to cease all General Practice consulting, and focus solely on procedural work. He will continue to work at Beaumaris Family Practice, but only doing minor surgery.

We appreciate this is not ideal for many patients who have been seeing Dr Beckett regularly since he commenced at Beaumaris Family Practice in 2007, and apologise for any inconvenience.  However, all the doctors at our practice have access to your patient notes and will be able to continue with your ongoing care. If you decide to move to another practice, we can forward your medical records, if needed. We appreciate your attendance at Beaumaris Family Practice, and look forward to continue seeing you in the future.