You can make a booking online any time by simply clicking on the Book Now button. You can also ring to make a booking from 8:00 am on 9300 4599.

Standard appointment times are 15 minutes. We prefer to be thorough so please book a long appointment if you have a number of problems. 

If you arrive at the surgery without an appointment we will endeavour to squeeze you in with the next available doctor but there may be a significant wait as we prioritise booked appointments and emergencies.

We also do offer a daily cancellation list when doctors are fully booked. If you request to have your name added to this list we will contact you if and as soon as an appointment becomes available.


We are a private billing practice. This ensures the highest level of health care for you and your family! EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available for your convenience.


As the Omicron (and possibly other) variant starts to work its way through Western Australia it is likely that we will become more reliant on Telehealth to keep patients and staff safe. We have already been using telephones for this but we have now installed equipment to make telephone videoconferencing possible.

If you request a Telehealth appointment it will be entirely up to you which medium you elect to use.

Videoconferencing is very simple and all you need is a smartphone. The staff can talk you through the process but essentially…there are 4 steps .

  1. You will receive a message saying “the Doctor is ready to see you now”…..Press on this
  2. A link is then provided for you to then click on (GP consults will be mentioned in the link)…..CLICK
  3. A message will soon appear asking if GP Consults can access your microphone and camera……PRESS ALLOW
  4. Then a message will appear asking you to ACCEPT (green button) or DECLINE (red button ) the consultation/ PRESS ACCEPT

Please note that Telehealth services are only available to patients who have attended the surgery in person over the last 12 months.

Fees for Telehealth services are the same, as if you were seen in person at the surgery.


Children Under 12 years, Aged, Repat (DVA) and Disability Pensioners will be Bulk Billed Monday to Friday before 4pm.

Concession Cardholders (apart from aged and disability pensioners) will receive a $10 discount on private fees Monday to Friday.

Appointments after 4pm and on Saturday’s are PRIVATELY BILLED for All Patients.


  Full Fee Paid on Day Out of Pocket Expense
Standard Consultation $92 $50.60
Long Consultation $140 – 160 $59.90 – $79.90