Changes to our Billing Policy

Changes to our Billing Policy: From the 1st November 2022:

  1. All Chronic Disease Management Plans will now be bulk billed.
  2. All Mental Health Care Plans will now be privately billed
  3. All appointments after 4:00 pm on weekdays will now be privately billed
  4. Previous billing rules will now be more strictly enforced such that “most” patients will now be privately billed: The exceptions (those that will still be bulk billed Mon-Fri before 4:00 pm) are:
    • All patients under 12 years 
    • All Aged Pensioner and Disability Pensioner card holders
    • All DVA card holders

We hope you will appreciate that these changes have become necessary due to Medicare Rebates not keeping up with our ever-rising costs.  We believe that by making these changes now:

  • We will ensure practice viability and improvements into the future, with no scaling back of services.
  • We hope to create more appointment availability for our patients.
  • We will be able to maintain our very high-quality health care provided by an extraordinary group of doctors, nurses and administration/ reception staff.
  • We hope to prevent staff burnout

We apologise to those who are affected by these changes but overall we believe it will provide the best outcome for all. Full details of our Billing Policy are available from Reception.

Please be respectful and courteous to our staff at all times!

Changes to our Billing Policy: From the 1st October 2022:

Bulk Billing Children:

Children under 12yrs will be Bulk Billed – Monday to Friday, before 4pm.
This has changed from under 16 years previously.

Script / Referrals:

Repeat scripts and renewal of referrals requested over the phone will incur a fee of $15.

Missed Appointments:

A fee of $30 will be charged for missed appointment. Please remember to cancel your appointment, if you are unable to attend.

Welcome to our new website

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