For your convenience we operate on an appointment system. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and GP but emergencies will always be given priority. If you cannot keep your appointment or will be late please ring to let us know. A standard appointment is considered to be 10 minutes. If you feel you need a longer appointment ask the receptionist for a double appointment. Longer appointments are usually necessary for insurance examinations, full medical check-ups, women’s health checks and complex or multiple problems. For medico-legal reasons we ask that you make a follow up appointment for your results unless specified by your doctor. Administration staff are not qualified to discuss results with patients, so test results will not be given over the phone. If you or a family member requires an interpreter we can organise this for you. Please let us know when you make the appointment.

We also offer a daily cancellation list when doctors are fully booked. If you would like to add your name to this list, you will need to ring first thing that morning (8am) and we will contact you if and as soon as an appointment becomes available.

Phone calls to doctors are discouraged because they can be disruptive to consultations. We do appreciate that sometimes they may be necessary, in which case they will be attended to as soon as possible. This may require the doctors to return your call later that day or the following day and we would appreciate you understanding and patience.

Home Visits and Nursing Home visits are available for our patients who are unable to reach the surgery. These depend on the availability of the doctor and they will be privately billed with a gap of $70. If a home visit cannot be done, we can arrange a Locum Service Doctor to visit you.

We encourage you to make an appointment when seeking a repeat prescription or specialist referral. Occasionally this may not be possible. We charge a fee of $10 per script or referral letter, if there is no associated doctor’s consultation. We do require 24 hours’ notice to allow the doctor enough time to complete the request.